why visit


Reason for visit:

The exhibition attracted exhibitors from China and surrounding countries, showcasing the company’s products comprehensively through pre arranged business matching and market research activities;


Exhibition highlights:

Georgia not only has a very advantageous geographical location and generally high labor quality, but also is a Eurasian transit station under free trade policies, enjoying multiple international policy preferences. More importantly, enterprises registered in Georgia’s own industrial zones enjoy 0% of the enterprise income tax!


As a pre registered audience, you will enjoy the following privileges:

1. Receive a pre registration confirmation letter before the exhibition, no queuing on site, and quickly enter the venue;

2. Regularly receive electronic newsletters to keep up-to-date with industry and exhibition information;

3. Obtain an overview of the exhibition in advance, and understand information about conferences, exhibitors, and exhibits;

4. Enjoy SMS services such as exhibition updates and viewing tips;

5. Collect an exquisite souvenir at the exhibition site.