Market research


In the few days after the exhibition is held until the end of the exhibition, we will organize exhibitors to go deep into the local market and investigate them in five key elements.
(1) Investigation of the market environment
The market environment survey mainly includes economic environment, political environment, social and cultural environment, scientific environment and natural geographical environment. The specific content of the investigation can be the level of purchasing power of the market, economic structure, national guidelines, policies and laws and regulations, customs, scientific developments, climate and other factors affecting marketing.
(2) Market demand inspection
Market demand inspection mainly includes consumer demand inspection, consumer income inspection, consumption structure inspection, consumer behavior inspection, including why consumers buy, buy, purchase quantity, purchase frequency, purchase time, purchase method, purchase habit, purchase Preferences and evaluations after purchase, etc.
(3) Market supply inspection
The market supply inspection mainly includes product production capacity inspection and product entity inspection. Specifically, the quantity, quality, function, model, brand, etc. of the products that can be provided in a certain product market, and the situation of production and supply enterprises.
(4) Investigation of marketing factors
The investigation of marketing factors mainly includes the inspection of products, prices, channels and promotions. Product inspections mainly include understanding the development of new products on the market, the design situation, the use of consumers, the evaluation of consumers, the stage of product life cycle, and the combination of products. The price of the product is mainly to understand the consumer’s acceptance of the price and the response to the price strategy. The channel inspection mainly includes understanding the structure of the channel, the situation of the middlemen, and the satisfaction of the consumers with the middlemen. The promotion survey mainly includes the effects of various promotions, such as the effect of advertising implementation, the effect of staff promotion, the effect of business promotion and the market reaction of external promotion.
(5) Investigation of market competition
The investigation of market competition mainly includes investigation and analysis of competitive enterprises, understanding the products and prices of similar enterprises, what competitive methods and strategies they have adopted, and knowing how to identify themselves and help enterprises determine their competitive strategies through investigation.