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    China (Georgia) Created Fair

    OCTOBER 15-16,2022

    Tbilisi Expo Center

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    China (Georgia) Created Fair

    500+ Exhibitors

    10000+ Visitor

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    China (Georgia) Created Fair

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China (Georgia) Created Fair will be held on September 28, 2020. It is an international trade exhibition jointly organized by Azerbaijan and China.
The exhibition covers a wide range of industries and provides a comprehensive display platform for exhibitors from different countries and industries.
The Georgian government supports and provides the participation of internal buyers of some local economic construction plans.

Exhibition highlights

The exhibition combined with the local media platform to carry out online and offline promotion and it strive to enhance the visibility of the exhibition and the brand image of the exhibitors.

The organizer has more than 40 years of experience in organizing exhibitions, with rich customer resources, strong industry appeal, and good reputation in the exhibition.

Get support from the Georgian government and provide internal buyers in the local economic construction plan.

Pre-registration and appointment of professional business matching activities, accurately and efficiently help companies and buyers to reach an intentional order.


Over 40 years of successful experience in connecting future industry partners.
Located in the Transcaucasian region, Georgia is a transit point for Europe and Asia under the Free Trade Policy.
Thousands of potential buyers are waiting for the show to discover potential business partners.
Georgia has one of the world's freest foreign trade policies and is a great opportunity for Chinese companies to enjoy tariff-free access to the EU market!
Provide business matching services for all exhibitors, ensure efficient and accurate contact with target audiences, and negotiate business cooperation.
The China-Georgia Free Trade Agreement is the first free trade agreement signed between China and the countries in Europe and Asia. It is also the first free trade agreement initiated and reached by China after the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.


Market research:

The Georgian government implemented reforms in the areas of tariff policy and technical regulations. Therefore, Georgia now has one of the world's freest foreign trade policies, which means a convenient foreign trade system and customs procedures, low import tariffs and low-level non-tariff regulations....


During the promotion period, the exhibitors' products are sorted and sorted, the purchaser's intention information is collected, and the two parties are matched in advance to assist the two parties in making appointments during the exhibition...

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