On March 23, Guizhou Province of China and Imereti Oblast of Georgia held a video work exchange event to jointly negotiate and carry out friendly cooperation and establish friendly provincial state relations. China and Georgia are traditional friendly cooperative partners. At present, Guizhou Province has carried out practical cooperation with Georgia in transport infrastructure construction, economy and trade and other fields. This “cloud connection” is the first meeting between Guizhou Province and Georgia’s Imelej Oblast. It aims to expand Guizhou’s international sister cities, promote friendly cooperation between Guizhou and countries along the “the Belt and Road”, and serve the deep integration of Guizhou Province into the “the Belt and Road” construction.

According to media reports on August 19, 2022, the Friendship Bridge across the Debet River on the Georgian Armenian border was officially opened today.


Georgian Prime Minister Ilakli Garibashvili and Armenian Prime Minister Nicol Pashnyan attended the ceremony.


Garibashvili said that the joint construction of a modern standard and 160 meter four lane bridge on the border between the two countries is a key project in Georgia. The operation of the Friendship Bridge will double the border capacity and improve transportation. At the same time, this bridge has strategic significance as an important component of the East West International Expressway.

In April 2023, Georgia’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Alchi Kalandia, visited Sichuan Province. During this period, he held talks with the Deputy Governor, as well as the heads of the local Foreign Affairs Office, the Commerce Bureau, and the Department of Culture and Tourism.


The ambassador introduced investment and tourism opportunities in Georgia to the Sichuan Provincial Government and emphasized the importance of strengthening business exchanges and cooperation in the tourism field.


In addition, Alchi Karandia expressed gratitude to the Chinese side for providing assistance to the Georgian medical system during the epidemic. In March 2020, Sichuan Provincial Government presented COVID-19 test kit to Georgia. In addition, the ambassador also visited Mianyang City and visited the Free Industrial Zone and local high-tech companies.

On May 9th, a delegation led by Besik Sharashenidze, Counselor of the Georgian Embassy in China, visited our city and participated in a promotion meeting. Zhu Xuan, a member of the municipal government party group, attended the meeting. The two sides held friendly negotiations on deepening practical cooperation and strengthening economic and trade exchanges.


Zhu Xuan warmly welcomed the arrival of the delegation led by Besk Sharashenize and briefly introduced the basic situation of our city. He said that Daye is a city with a long history, rich cultural heritage, superior geographical location, convenient transportation network, and a good business environment. Daye will always be committed to providing high-quality services and a good investment environment for foreign investors, persistently promote the development of open economy, actively introduce high-end industries and high-quality enterprises, strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, and promote cooperation and development of both sides. Looking forward to promoting economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between China and Georgia to a new level, injecting new vitality and momentum into the friendly cooperative relationship between the two countries.


Besk Sharashenize stated that Georgia and China are both countries with a long history, and their traditional cultures also have many similarities. Georgia is one of the countries with the best business environment in the world, and the two countries have broad development space and cooperation potential, especially in terms of trade. China is Georgia’s largest export market. Georgia looks forward to strengthening cooperation with Daye, building platforms and bridges, effectively promoting exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Georgian enterprises in economic, trade, tourism and other fields, and helping the prosperity and development of the two countries’ economy and social livelihood.